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About St. Paul & Biddle Medical Associates/ Pacific Rehab of Maryland


As a well established and respected provider of healthcare in Maryland over the last 33 years, we specialize in all personal injury treatments including auto injuries and injuries at work.  We achieve positive outcomes by providing quality medical care. 


Medical Practitioners with Skill, Experience and Compassion

Our team of physicians and licensed physical therapists are recognized throughout the region for their extensive soft tissue and medical rehabilitation experience, providing their patients with the expertise to evaluate, diagnose and treat all types of soft tissue and musculoskeletal injuries.  Patients referred to St. Paul & Biddle Medical Associates/Pacific Rehab of Maryland will receive the best treatment possible with the latest state-of the art techniques to help result in successful outcomes.

Comprehensive Care for Workers Comp, MVA & Personal Injury Patients

Depending upon each patient's condition, St Paul & Biddle Medical Associates / Pacific Rehab of Maryland provides a wide range of services that includes, but is not limited to, medical evaluation, diagnostic testing (radiology), physical therapy. In the event your client needs further consultation beyond our scope of care, we have a wide network of specialists to whom we can refer.

Convenient Care with Treatment Facilities Throughout the State of Maryland

St. Paul & Biddle Medical Associates / Pacific Rehab of Maryland has established a state-wide network of facilities. With 25 clinics, it provides a level of convenience and access to care from Hagerstown to Salisbury and everywhere in between.

For people needing this kind of specialized treatment, high quality and personalized care is just a short drive away.

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