St. Paul and Biddle Medical Associates/Pacific Rehab of Maryland

Centralized Scheduling

Billing & Insurance

Worry Free Management of all Issues Regarding Treatment Related Fees

At St. Paul and Biddle Medical Associates / Pacific Rehab of Maryland, we understand the frustration and complexities that are associated with billing and insurance relating to attorney referred rehabilitative care.   Our goal is to minimize your concerns and help you focus on healing.

Proven and Extensive Experience  Eliminates most of your Document Filing Needs

For decades we have been working with attorneys throughout the Baltimore Washington metropolitan area providing rehabilitative care to their clients.  The performance and the trust that we have established through these years has resulted in working relationships that provide unique benefits to our patients.  These include:

  • Interfacing with and providing all attorney dialogue when necessary;
  • Obtaining all required authorizations;
  • Working directly with the workers’ compensation insurance carriers when needed;
  • Addressing and resolving all outstanding billing issues at the time of settlement.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Resources

At St. Paul and Biddle Medical Associates / Pacific Rehab of Maryland, we pride ourselves in being able to provide high quality physical therapy and professional assistance for your MVA, Personal Injury or work related accident.  By remaining proficient and current with regards to medical billing and insurance as it relates to claims processing, we look forward to making your rehabilitative care a rewarding and successful experience. 

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